Patriot Viper Steel RGB not detected in SignalRGB

I recently got 32x4 DDR4 ram of Patriot Viper Steel RGB, but its not being detected in the software.

When I boot up signalrgb or any other rgb software, the rgb on the ram will go into a detection mode, but then end up back as the default rgb that the ram normally does, and its not detected in software. Everything else is detected in the software but not the ram.

In the category Debugging under device information my ram is seen but is labeled as the following:

Manufacturer - 0x7FFF
Part Number - 3600 c20 Series
Capacity - 32.00 GiB
Clock Speed 3600mhz

This is my Specs:
CPU - i9 12900k
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z690 AORUS PRO DDR4
RAM - Patriot Viper Steel RGB 128gb DDR4 3600mhz
SSD - 1tb m.2 SSD
GPU - GTX 1070

My Bios is up to date and so is the chipset, nor do I have any RGB software installed. Any ideas on what is up?