Patriot Viper Steel RAM not detected


I have the Asus ROG Strix Z590-I motherboard and the Viper Steel kit. I can see the RAM in ArmoryCrate, but it does not get detected by SignalRGB. I’ve completely uninstalled all the Asus stuff, but it still doesn’t pick it up. I see this RAM is on the supported list. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you take a screenshot of your Device Information? This can be found by clicking the gears button next to your name and clicking on “Device Information” in SignalRGB. You can take a screenshot with the “Snipping Tool” or “Snip & Sketch” on your PC. Can you provide the most recent log that is at least 5 KB in the top right of the Device Information page? To receive the logs, you can click on the logs button in the top right of the “Device Information” info page. Please attach the logs here.

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Hi Robbie,

It will only let me embed one attachment at a time. Here are the logs.

Log 2023-03-22 18_20_05_541.txt (21.1 KB)

Here is part II of the device information:

Your help is much appreciated!

I have the same issue myself. Attaching screenshots of device information and system conflicts

as well as here are the logs: (through pastebin as new users can’t upload attachments).

Not sure if you are having the same issue, but I’m told the dev team is working on a solution.

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