Part compatibility


I hope this is the correct place for such a thread. I’m trying to check compatibility for two sets of components - I have already checked supported devices. These are:

  • 2 x 160mm RGB front fans for Lian Li 216 RGB that came fitted with case (no model name or number listed anywhere for them). I understand they’re not listed as supported so the question is really whether I can expect them to be recognised regardless.

  • Thermaltake RGB controller that comes in box with Swafan EX12s. Supported controllers lists the Thermaltake LEDBox as being supported. While no images are listed as LEDBox, Google images suggests the LEDBox is different from what I have as it has 9 ports where my controller has 5 ports. I suppose the question is - does what I have count as an LEDBox and can I expect it and the 6 Swafan EX12s connected to it to be recognised?

Big Thanks in advance for any info that can be offered.