NZXT H510 - Case lights not detected?

Hi all,

Just finished setting up SingalRGB on my system.

All my other components have been detected fine, however, my nxzt built-in case lights will not be detected by SignalRGB. Can be controlled fine using NZXT CAM though.

Any troubleshooting advice?

Can you please screenshot the “System USB devices” part of the Device Information menu ? (SignalRGB must be running for that link to work).

Absolutely, here you are:

Try this:

Unfortunately no luck, getting these errors in console:

However, the device does appear now.

Also, I get this showing when I loaded CAM to check on its settings.

“Another program is attempting to communicate with your device. If you encounter any errors configruing your device, please close other RGB control programs and retry. (SignalRgb.exe)”

Not sure if that’s indicative of anything.

Let me know If I can provide anything else, appreciate the help!

Yeah CAM isn’t particularly fond of sharing access to NZXT’s hardware.

Just to confirm, do you get the same error in Signal if you completely close CAM and SRGB and then launch Signal again?

Correct, I’ve disabled NZXT as a start-up app, and have restarted my machine just to rule anything out.

To clarify, I cannot view the NZXT device settings inside of layout, just says "No device selected when I click the NZXT smart device V2 (H510) button under my devices.

Then it’s not an issue I can solve, maybe if a developer sees this they can tell you how to proceed in order to add the controller included with that case.

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Thanks for your help thus far anyways!

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


We don’t support the standard H510 yet, since they came with a V1 controller 0x1714 and the supported version is the Elite that comes with a V2 controller.