NZXT F140 RGB DUO fans

I noticed that the F140 RGB DUO actually has 20 LEDs (2 extra LEDs compared to the normal F140 RGB), which means there are dark spots in one corner of each of my fans because Signal only has support for the 18 LED variant. I submitted the device request, but I wanted to specify the difference between the two models as it’s not immediately apparent that they have different quantities of LEDs.

Would really appreciate if the DUO variant could be added to the list so I can light up all 20 of the LEDs on my fans.



A component preset for both 120 and 140 DUOs is going to be included in the next update v2.2.32 but you can already use them in the current public SignalRGB release v2.2.31.

Download these files

Copy/move them to %localappdata%\VortxEngine\app-2.2.31\Signal-x64\Components\NZXT

And restart SignalRGB