NZXT F120 RGB fans no longer showing up

Everything was working fine, and then I don’t know, the last update borked it I guess. The Devices screen shows the controllers but no channels. I had this problem before and customer services sent me a file, NZXT_Smart_Device_V2_Controller to put in the WhirlwindFX/Plugins folder, and that’s still there but it doesn’t seem to be working. The device log says Error: HID handle is invalid, confirm that the protocol type selected is HID.

I’ve restarted computer, restarted SignalRGB, RESET SignalRGB, reinstalled SignalRGB. Installed and uninstalled NZXT Cam and the fans work fine with that.

Try temporarily moving that file out of the user plugins folder and restarting Signal.

That worked. I didn’t even have to put it back. Thanks!