Number of LEDs supported for Gigabyte Z690 Aero D MB


This motherboard has two ARGB ports. The manual says a maximum of 1000 LEDs can be connected however in signalRGB there is maximum 240 with 120 per port.

Error in signalRGB or it is to avoid other issues?

The limit on SignalRGB is part informative and part factual in this case. If you read 5v RGB LED spec sheets you’ll notice there’s certain models that draw 15mA at full brightness white, others use 36mA and (mostly older) models that pull up to 60mA.

Now if you multiply those values by 1000 you’ll notice you are exceeding the 5A rating Gigabyte claims by a lot even on the least power hungry LEDs. Most likely reason being the firmware on that motherboard’s RGB controller applies some sort of auto-dimming when it detects more than the nominal amount being drawn.

So SignalRGB devs wisely choose to stay on the safe side with channel limits. You are free to go over those at your own risk though.