Not able to stay logged on in app when starting with admin rights


Does anyone know how one can make (force) the app to remember once logging info and actually log you back in upon start?

I run the app for technical reason (see my other posts to find out if you have to) in admin mode and this is causing me to have to log into my account each time the app is started(starts).

As you all know, macros don’t work if one is not logged into one’s account (at least not for me) also many of the installed themes are missing when I’m not logged into my account so.

The only workaround currenly, until SignalRGB’s credentials passing method can be reworked, is disabling Windows UAC and launch the program via shortcut (with admin rights property toggled on) in shell:startup.

Far from ideal but no one has figured out an alternative yet. Please share if you find a different route to explore.

I see, I will mess around with these for a while and get back with report, if successful.

Does anyone know why key combinations doesn’t work in the log-in boxes?!?

I use AutoHotKey for a lot of stuff and however I write my scripts or commands the key press combinations don’t work in these two boxes on the screen.

This is wired, can anyone from the actual SignalRGB collaborate why this is and when this may be changed?

If this worked then I would be able to make the log in work, actually write the entire script so the mouse would clock and expand the mini-icon from sys-try and then log me in upon windows startup.