Nordic keyboard layout on ASUS ROG Claymore II

I have an ASUS ROG Claymore II keyboard with a Nordic/Finnish layout. Compared to the English version of the keyboard, there’s one extra key next to LSHIFT (< and >) and one extra key next to Enter (’ and *). These keys seem to pick the first color SignalRGB throws at them and then get stuck with those colours, which really bothers me. I suppose it’s understandable since there are two extra LEDs where the program doesn’t expect them. Is there any workaround for this?

EDIT: I do have the newest firmware etc. installed, too and I’ve pretty much gone through the wiki troubleshooting pages.

Most keyboards integrated into SignalRGB start out implemented with ANSI layout because that’s basically what devs can get being USA based.

But they wrote a guide to try and help users with ISO layout keebs add the two missing keys. Check it out