New build and questions

Hi everyone, I’ve received my components to start my new build and I had a bunch of questions regarding what I’ll be able to do with SignalRGB.
Here are the rgb components I got

  • Deepcool CF120 PLUS (12)
  • ASrock z790 PG lightning motherboard
  • Gskill Trident Z5 rgb ram
  • Custom Bykski Zotac water gpu block with RGB
  • Barrow CPU block (rgb)

From what I can tell, only my ram would be supported out of the box. I’ll install 10 of the fans in the case, Can I add them as led strips via a compatible rgb controller and control the inner leds and outer halo leds separately ? How would I control 10 of them ? 2 controllers ?

Also, for the other components that are not specifically listed, would signalRGB see them and allow me to add them manually or would i have to “code” them in ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @scyan,
welcome to the SignalRGB Forums!

To individually control 12 fans, the GPU block and the CPU block, you would either
need 3x Razer Chroma ARGB Controllers (6 headers each) or 2x ZALMAN Z-Sync Controllers (8 headers each), or any mix of supported lighting controllers to get to at least 14 headers.
As mainboards usually only have 2x USB 2.0 headers, you’d need a powered internal USB 2.0 HUB as well if you choose more than 2 controllers.
A valid option would be a NZXT Internal USB HUB GEN3

As ar as I know each of the Deepcool CF120 Plus fans has 18 leds, so those would fit well into the limits of both mentioned controllers.

How many leds do the GPU/CPU blocks sport?

If there’s no predefined Components in SignalRGB already for those devices, you can generate them with SRGBmods Custom LED Strip Component Generator, that features a “dual circle” setting that lets you correctly control those leds.

If you have further questions, just ask.

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That’s good to hear.

Which controller would be your choice ? I see that the razer chroma has a mention of no more than 1 supported on a pc in the support section. Not sure about nzxt’s.

What about the leds on the mainboard itself ? There’s not much but I was curious.

I don’t know how many leds on the cpu and gpu block but I’ll know soon enough !

Thanks for the quick response.

For some versions of SignalRGB multiple controllers of the same kind are supported,
so more than one Razer Chroma ARGB Controller will work, same for the Zalman Z-sync.

Both work fine, so it’s basically just a matter of availability and price for them.

Your mainboard leds and headers will most likely not work yet, but might in the future.

Is there a hub that would let me control both RGB and fans at the same time ?

There’s only controllers with proprietary connectors (Corsair, NZXT etc.) that support controlling cooling and RGB at the same time.

Razer does have a supported PWM fan controller that is supported though (8 PWM headers)
if a usual PWM Hub that just clones the mainboard PWM header to all fans.

Well well, I should have looked before but here I am. My Deepcool CF120 plus have a 4 wire fan wire and a 3 wire jst rgb cable. Of course, the Zalman RGB hubs have a wide, 3 pin connectors.

Are there any conversion wires that exist ?

I basically need a 3 pin jst, male to a 4 pins rgb female…

Thanks in advance anyone.

There’s adapters mostly on aliexpress and ebay,
this for example:

Thanks for the reply, I found these somewhat locally (Canada) and placed the order last night