New and couple questions

New to RGB and RGB software, Tried about 8 others that wasn’t ready for prime time. I got Signal and deleted all the others and killed their services that lingered.

I’m not much for ready manuals or watching tutorials. But I’m really good at using software that is well done. (logical). I have some feedback in using this.

  1. PRO effects ? (most don’t work). maybe the game must be running?

  2. FREE effects are best and work well. My thought are that most are same or similar and are just color changes. = ( I’d like to see my GPU power cable running like it’s feeding the GPU. (instead if seems limited to 2 effects reused in the configs but with different color. IS THERE A WAY TO CUSTOMIZE? Like L-connect does?

  3. I added my devices in the component config. When I look at setting of these in LAYOUTS the LED counts are wrong for some items? Also the infinity stack of 3 to the infinity controller (port 3) are appearing split. Into “2” and “1” as different devices? I deal with it but doesn’t make sense to me. One of my SLV2 fans is in a set of 3. When I set the “set of 3” 2.75 of the tree are in a group of LEDs and the last .25 of the 3rd fan is black (it has it’s own device in layout) for the last .25 percent of it’s LEDS. Again I am dealing with it but wanted to point out the issue.

Granted I’ve used the software 1/2 day… maybe I’ll get it, but I was a paid beta tester for activation (they contacted me) so I’m quite good at finding issues.

  1. LAYOUTS - don’t save properly. SIZES are not saved and things appear large again… also the real annoying part is the “my devices” that I toggle OFF (HIDE) and then save the layout… the hidden ones are all on again when reloaded. BAD…
    it makes a mess of my layout.

  2. In LAYOUTS - we can’t SHAPE? that I know of… to show a box for a fan or a elongated rectangle for a RGB cable strap. We should be able to drag a shape for each device. And HIDE items for good. I have several items that appear multiple times in layout and I find the one that works and rename it to the item… (device) then I HIDE the duplicates that do nothing. I don’t want to see them again but each time I leave layout and come back they are SHOWING AGAIN. please fix.

I think that’s it for now. What controller do you recommend to handle EVERYTHING or at least just the FANS. (anyway to link attachment to a post in here?).

I have MSI Pro Z790 P wifi mb
10 fans. (mixed) types. 3 types.
Vengence ddr5