Need Support for ASUS TUF TX GAMING 4070 BTF

Hi Guys!

I was ready to become a subscriber, but I noticed a little problem. sRGB currently does not support ASUS’s BTF series graphics cards.
TX GAMING 4070 BTF, the link is at Cable-Less Asus RTX 4070 BTF Graphics Card Now On Sale in China | Tom's Hardware. In addition, it also has 4070Ti and 4090 versions.

To put it simply: BTF’s graphics card uses an extra gold finger on the bottom to power the card, so it does not have a 5v3Pin interface. The blue strip on the top of the graphics card has lighting effects, and it cannot be controlled through sRGB now. However, this lighting effect can be synchronized with the motherboard (Armory Crate), so I’m thinking it is also controlled via USB? Same as memory.

I would like to know if there are any plans for follow-up support?

Which exact model is your version? I see your “top blue strip” model and the TUF model on BTF line.

Can you take a screenshot of your Device Information?

This can be found on “Device Information” in SignalRGB by clicking this link


Of course, this is what you want. If you need anything, I will provide it to you as quickly as possible.

I really hope this little trouble can be solved and sRGB can be more perfect

This is the current effect. You can see that the lighting effect on the graphics card is not controlled by sRGB.