Multiple issues with NZXT fans and controllers

Hello All,

Two problems with NZXT RGB/Fan controllers and fans.

  1. For some reason I have three fans connected to a controller but the third even though detected by Signal it can no control the speed. Its always hovering around the 600-700RPM speed, but the First and Second channels are fine?

  2. RGB settings on the three controllers I have seem to be inconsistent. I have selected everything from F120 fans (which they are) to custom 8led and other options. Only customer 8 led works consistently whereas if I select the fans’ they are some work correct and some dont (only shows some of the leds or just gets stuck on red colour on all the leds) even though they are all the same fans.

Any thoughts on these two issues?

1- Known issue, but we haven’t worked on it yet: NZXT Fan controller 3rd port issue (#282) · Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab
2- This second one I don’t recall being reported, but feel free to report it and we will check when possible.