Multimedia key on keyboard

hi,i installed youre great software and really happy with it but have small problem
my keyboard is asus rog claymore 2 and when youre software running my media key not working at all!
but when i close youre software its working there any fix for this or i misconfig someting.

Hi, @fifohi5002

I have opened an Issue tracker for this here: Claymore II no media keys working (#299) · Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab

We will need USB Captures to check what is missing from the code.

USB capture should be:

1- Install wireshark and the usbpcap module
2- Start capturing your usb
3- Open the original software
4- Select the mode to change the device zones to a single color and the colors we want is Red: #FF0000, Green: #00FF00, Blue: #0000FF and Light Blue: #2FACED
5- Optionally set a single zone or key to one of those colors while the rest is black
6- Close the original software
7- Stop the capture on Wireshark and save the capture
8- Send the capture file here