MSI Rtx 3080 Gaming X Trio LED's (info which may help?)

So a few months ago I had a conversation with a few moderators in the discord channel about my Videocard (MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio).
They told me that it is only possible to detect all their leds as one rgb led. I was also told there was a workaround but that one will not work for my case. which would be swapping the fan cables (Aparently the cables for them are called Micro JST cables).

After finding out it will not work for my gpu I once again began searching and found another program which is able to see and change all leds seperately.
The good part is that they have an open source github page which might help you to add support for MSI devices.
I think the following page might be able to help:

Also their root folder:

I hope this helps you add support for MSI devices


Openrgb uses MSI’s baked in presets where we do full direct control. Since the control methods are different they do not apply to how we interact with the card unfortunately. In direct mode on Openrgb, their app also only sees one LED and their framerates are worse on that model.

Thank You for the suggestion though.

Explained in comments