MSI B550-A PRO led strip not working on JRAINBOW

I have MSI B550-A Pro motherboard and I connected led strip on JRAINBOW header but strip is not lightening at all.

I added strip as component with correct number of leds and it is showing on canvas, it is just not lightening up.

Then I installed MSI Centar just to check if it is problem with strip and with Mystic Light strip is working without a problem.

Is there anything I can do to make it work with Signal RGB.

Thank you.

You usually need the latest BIOS and LED firmware updates from MSI, if there’s no LED firmware update for your board, it might not work as expected.

@TheDordo might need to take a look though.

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Thank you.
I am at both latest BIOS and LED firmware so I guess my MB isn’t fully supported.
It’s a shame that there is no note or something on supported devices list because it clearly states that it works with MSI B550 motherboards.

We’d need to wait for the developer I pinged to take a look.

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Same MSI B550-A Pro board with the same problem. @dgebauer isn’t alone. Thank you.

did you install latest update (2.2.31)?
Because for me it just started working after installing it.
I didn’t update anything else (BIOS, LED firmware…) or change any BIOS or system settings, so it seems like that update solved it for me.
If you didn’t try it, maybe it help you too.
If not I hope you will find another way.