Mpg z790 edge wifi

I am having a strange issue with this new MB I upgraded too. Original configuration went great as it recognizes all my rgb and each header on the MB along with the MSI logo on the MB. The problem is, after awhile the MSI logo tends to go back to the default rainbow color scheme. I messed with this thing for the longest time and even though it says its working fine in SignalRGB it will not let me control it again. Eventually I did figure out a work around by adding a bogus fan on one of the headers which seemed to reinitialize the MB again.

It will work good for awhile but it keeps reverting back out of the blue. Haven’t determined what triggered it yet but was hoping this was a known issue even though its a newer MB?

BIOS has the latest of H.60

AFAIK that issue has already been fixed as of v2.3.33 Beta Build 3 (which you can get in Plugin test discord server after grabbing the “General Release Testing” role in the #roles channel there). Please read the changelog of that build before deciding if you want to test it.

Thanks @vermis that is great news as this is becoming an nuisance. I will take a look at the notes and test it out.

Appreciate the response

Assuming the actual version is 2.2.33 Beta Build 3? Reading the release notes it does mention addressing MSI onboard LED issues. I will install and test it but if this is incorrect let me know.

Yeah that’s the one I mentioned
The way I understood it, this specific fix is what should address your issue

Yeah makes sense, I did test and it seems to have half way fixed it. If I put my PC to sleep it still defaults the LED back to the rainbow but now I just have to perform a restart on signalRGB
to sync it back up. Prior as mentioned I had to go into my device settings and add a device on one of my headers.

Though this is easier its still an issue I believe

Dev doing MSI motherboards seldom checks here, so I’d post in #feedback-and-bugs so they can try and resolve that wake up problem ASAP

Gotcha, I will put a post on there now.