Mouse Cursor Speed slowing down when starting up SignalRGB

Title says it all. This normally doesn’t happen, only until I installed an update on the app itself recently. Now, the cursor slows down/decreases significantly so it disrupts my sens on many games to the point where I’d rather just play without RGB.

I compared it on windows settings and it doesn’t change from 10.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Same issue. Only way to do anything (surfing/gaming) is to shut down SignalRGB.
2.2.31 broke something, it started on 13th May 2023

Exact same problem. I started 2 or 3 days ago.
I restart the SignalRGB, for a couple seconds everything works. Then the mouse goes very, very slow.
I close the program and everything is normal

devices → Mouse → Settings → Onboard Button Mode : Turn ON!!!

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Thanks. To be more precise it’s “Device-> Mouse Settings” (my mouse is Razer Viper Ult)
Setting is “Save DPI to Onboard Storage”
I think these are new settings, and the default values for DPI is “400”, thus the mouse slowdown