Motherboard JRGB1 Header


I am using a LED strip on my Motherboard. It is connected on the JRGB1 Header. If I start my PC, everything is working fine, the LED strip is lighting up in the correct color etc. All my other RGB Devices are synced too. But after ca. 10min the LED strip just randomly turns red every now and then. If it happens, I tried to resolve the issue, by turning the Motherboard on and off in the Device tab of SignalRGB. But that does not resolve the issue, but rather turn the LED strip from red to just off.

If there is a fix or anything, let me know,

have a great day,

Here are some more infos to track down the reason for the issue:

Motherboard: B550M Pro-VHD WiFi (MS-7C95)

Device Enabled: True
Advanced Onboard LED Placement: True

Console output:
[20:32:26] Set size for device to: [0,0]
[20:32:26] Checking for LedKeeper.exe
[20:32:26] Process Not Found
[20:32:26] Checking for Dragon Center
[20:32:27] Process Not Found
[20:32:27] Checking for DCv2.exe
[20:32:27] Process Not Found
[20:32:27] Checking for LightKeeperService.exe
[20:32:27] Process Not Found
[20:32:27] Checking for LightKeeperService2.exe
[20:32:27] Process Not Found
[20:32:27] Set default position for device to: [0,0]
[20:32:27] Set default scale for device to: 8
[20:32:27] [OPEN] endpoint.interface: -1, endpoint.usage: 0x0000, endpoint.usage_page: 0x0001, endpoint.collection: 0x0000
[20:32:27] Log: Motherboard is PerLED :slightly_smiling_face:
[20:32:27] Log: Device has 0 Onboard LEDs, 2 RGB Headers, 2 ARGB Headers, and 0 JPipe LEDs.

Thanks for your report, someone else already went on Discord to explain the issue and devs will roll a fix out ASAP.