Modify Device-Layout?

I just changed to SignalRGB if it matches my needs. I went straight to setup a layout. And im not happy with some devices` layout in layout mode. Is there a way to change specific parts?

For instance, i have Corsairs lightning towers LT100. These show up as a single rgb-band, despite of being two seperate to control bands.

I would have to edit or brak that rgb-layout-piece into two parts.

Next are the fans on my tower. same problem, they show up as a long thin rgb-band, instead of 3 vans.

Any ideas to tackle this?

You can choose what component is connected to the device that allows you to place and set positions.
if you want some quicker help and more detailed Signal RGB hase a discord you can join.

this is how you set your devices
then when you go to layouts, same devices get stacked ontop of each other.

i hope this helps to get your issue solved
also in layouts you can change size of said Component.