Logitech G810 support

So i just discovered this app. Amazing, btw. i’m having some problems with it tho.
the logo on the G810 can’t be customizable, because i think it’s being detected as the Logitech G910 ORION SPARK. When i click My Devices to My Rig, it shows the Logitech G910. i can customize pretty much everything else, but the logo. Also, the multimedia buttons (mute, play, stop, before, after) buttons can be customizable, but maybe because it’s being mistakenly recognized as the G910 is the reason why those buttons can’t be customized.

i wonder if there may be a fix on this? Thanks in advance!

The keyboard is identified as G810, only the device image is wrong.

I’ll point the plugin developer to that issue.

Thanks for the reply!
Tho i think its not only the image. When i want to customize my keyboard, it shows G1-G8 buttons, which the G810 does not have, and also a G logo and a “BACK LOGO”, which the G810 doesnt have as well. The only light that can be customizable but isnt as of this version of signalRGB is the G Logo, and the media buttons.

Seems like the person that created that plugin for the G810 went the lazy route and just copied the G910 plugin.

We’ll have to wait for the plugin developer to take a look.

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Will wait for a proper update on the case. Thank you so much!