Logitech G560 LEDs doesn't seem to be controlled

SignalRGB automatically detected the G560 speakers on start up and terminal items seem to load without issue (using plugin, Logitech_G560_Speakers.js).

[14:54:01]: Set size for device to: [4,4]
[14:54:01]: Checking for lghub.exe
[14:54:01]: Process Not Found
[14:54:01]: Loading Image...
[14:54:01]: Loading Image via Base64 Export function...
[14:54:02]: [OPEN] endpoint.interface: 2, endpoint.usage: 0x0202, endpoint.usage_page: 0xff43, endpoint.collection: 0x0003
[14:54:02]: [IGNORE] endpoint.interface: 2, endpoint.usage: 0x0001, endpoint.usage_page: 0x000c, endpoint.collection: 0x0001
[14:54:02]: [IGNORE] endpoint.interface: 2, endpoint.usage: 0x0001, endpoint.usage_page: 0x000b, endpoint.collection: 0x0002

The speakers themselves produce sound just fine but do not illuminate. So it seems that there isn’t an issue with the USB connectivity to the devices via SignalRGB. (Logitech Hub controls the LEDs without issue.)

Here are the relevant version information:

SignalRGB: v2.3.13+a541044f
G560 Firmware: 122.3.23

Hi, @Anoz

I have no issue report for this device, there has been any recent firmware update?

No recent firmware update (depending on how you look at it).

122.3.23 is the current firmware released on May 26, 2021.

Anything I can do to help troubleshoot? Is there a verbose/debug version of the console log that might have more insight?