[lock screen] Turn off lights after lock screen

Good morning,
I would like to be able to turn off the LEDs or automatically launch an effect when I lock my screen with the key combination “Windows + L”.
I bought the pro version thinking that the macros could help me but I can’t find what I’m looking for.
Thanks in advance to anyone who has a solution to my problem.
Good day to all

Hi, I’m posting this topic as there was no response.
Thanks in advance

Just stumbled in here by accident so it may be months later. Though you posted this under support. This is under the wrong category. This is a feature suggestion. Or at least, in assuming this feature doesnt exist, this should be posted again as a feature suggestion.

This actually is related to me wondering why my lights don’t turn back on when my PC wakes up. My PC does turn them off when it enters sleep just doesnt wake em back up. I’d agree it’d be cool to have specific effects for certain PC states. I also think that’d give the sofware the code to fix my issue synonymously.