Lighting Frames / FanControl (github) / PWM

Can we make it more apparent that there are some limitations in play when expecting the premium Cooling feature to have overall fan control support for all connected fans? In addition - limitations with RGB control while using a third party fan control software like FanControl from GitHub.

I finally decided to poke around and see why there was an obvious delay, lag, or frame rate drop when it came to using SignalRGB and the consensus appeared to be related to my additional use of the third party application FanControl. Having SignalRGB poll for RGB coloring while using FanControl to poll for fan speeds negatively affects the display of color updates.

I paid for premium thinking I’d offload cooling to SignalRGB instead - only to discover the motherboard fans aren’t detected and poking around the forums cites a lack of PWM control.

Additionally, if a developer reads this, opting to not use SignalRGB for cooling with premium - still results in a default being applied to the Corsair Commander Core module where “Fan Control Enabled” is on. So if you are using a third party fan control software, the fans connected to the commander core will have their rpm target overridden until this flag is set to off.

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Signal shouldn’t communicate with your fans if Monitoring or Fan Control is disabled on settings:

As for the FPS issue, this is something new, never seen someone report this and basically everyone from mod and staff uses Signal + FanControl for motherboard control. I would say to check on Discord to help on troubleshooting since is faster and more people who uses FanControl can help.

I agree with you that it shouldn’t communicate with the fans if the fan control function is disabled but it does - a fresh install with hardware detected it’ll be enabled here, while enable fan control in the other section for system monitoring is off. I can see this by setting the fans to speed with another application like the FanControl we’re discussing and you can see the fans drop to low rpm as long as the option is enabled.


Here’s one reference to at least a couple of community users that know this to be problematic:

I wouldn’t say I need application support but would gladly work with a dev for testing.