Lian Li SL-Infinity Fans not recognized

Hi - I have 7 (3 top + 1 rear + 3 bottom) Lian Li SL-Infinity Fans connected to three of my MSI X570 ACE motherboard ARGB connectors. When I have installed the MSI Center Mystic Lights (which are currently uninstalled), Mystic Lights can properly see and control each connected Lian Li fan.

However, SignalRGB doesn’t seem to recognize the Lian Li SL-Infinity fans when they are connected to the motherboard. SignalRGB doesn’t show any connected RGB fans in the device list, and all the fans appear to be controlled by a single ARGB connector - when I disable that connector in SignalRGB, all the Lian Li fans go dark. All of the Lian Li fans simultaneously display the exact same color being controlled by SignalRGB, which isn’t much better than a static color.

I don’t have any fan controlling software installed right now (not even SignalRGB). The last fan RGB style that I set in MSI Mystic Lights has been written to the motherboard, and that style comes up whenever I turn on the PC.

Is this a known issue?

Have you added all the fans to the header as components?

@HarDBR - Sorry, I missed your response to my post.

By “Have you added all the fans to the header as components”, do you mean adding them somewhere within SignalRGB? I hadn’t seen this option in the settings.

Yeah, by adding a component:

I don’t remember seeing that “Add Component” option with my MSI ACE Motherboard ARGB controllers, but I will reinstall SignalRGB and try again.

This is all I see for my motherboard, with no options to add any fans that I have been able to discover.

I have these and they work great. Mixing with SL V2 until I can replace those to infinity too! I’m using the controller that came with the infinity trio… I want to replace it though as lian li controllers are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWwwwww.

Hi, @RonKramer - That is exactly why I am trying to use my MSI ACE to control the SignalRGB lighting, the Lian Li controller was too slow.

Additionally, I found that the Infinity’s Lian Li controller didn’t provide any granularity with the SignalRGB light effects, where instead of coloring each fan individually, the entire block of Infinity fans were all the same color for each controller output.

I’ve been forced back to L-connect - uninstalled this. While it looked great at frist. I paid and the PRO effects don’t work. Looking for a refund.

Same here. The Pro effects didn’t work for me, either.

Being cautious, I just paid for 1 month of Pro to see what I could get. I don’t mind supporting SignalRGB’s development, though it doesn’t look like it will ever work for me.

On the plus side, installing and then uninstalling the SignalRGB Pro version seemed to fix a freaking annoying problem I’ve had for years with my MSI motherboard where I was unable to control the fans with the MSI BIOS settings.

That alone made the $5.00 gamble worth it for me.

While L-Connect did have some nice effects, they didn’t seem to work as cohesively as the MSI Mystic Lights effects, and the L-Connect application kept my Ryzen 5950X CPU cores from going into Sleep Mode when the PC wasn’t under load. This kept my CPU temperature at 47 DegC and Vcore at 1.20 VDC when the PC was idle. My fans were always noisier as a result.

Disabling L-Connect and using an MSI Mystic Lights static effect (I use “Planetary” or “Rainbow Wave”), my CPU cores go into Sleep Mode again, where my CPU idles at 35 DegC and Vcore goes down as low as 0.36 VDC. My PC is nice and quiet again, and I may even save a few dollars annually on my power bill - maybe enough to offset the $5.00 I spent on my Signal RGB subscription.

yeah stupid me paid a premium price for a year :roll_eyes: nothing but problems with this software lately. to top it off tonight, it disabled my fan controller so my fans were running @ approx 20% for a few hours.
sorry, but for the premium price i paid for this software. i expected it to work properly with one of the most popular fans and controllers on the market ATM.