Lian Li Galahad II LCD

Was hoping for Fan, RGB and maybe LCD control.

Attached is a screenshot of said AIO for reference

Hello Daniel, fan and RGB can be controlled by the app, but LCDs not yet. You can follow these tutorial to get fan and RGB working:

All my other devices, yes, I can control RGB and fan speed for (MSI motherboard and my Corsair KBD and Mouse), but, the RGB and fans that are hooked into the Galahad, no. It is not showing as a device in SignalRGB since it is not supported yet. So, I have to use L-Connect 3 to set that up still. Thanx for the response tho.

So just to confirm you use L Connect for the AIO LCD Control but Signal RGB for the RGB’S?

Do they not clash? I want the AIO LCD but want SIGNALRGB to sync my lighting

I thought they don’t run simultaneously