Leds of iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX XT are off

My “iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX XT” is correctly working when controlled by iCUE. When controlled by SignalRGB, instead, leds are completely off, both on the pump and on the fans.

The device is recognized by SignalRGB as “CORSAIR iCUE COMMANDER Core”, manifacturer “Corsair”, vendor id 0x1b1c, product id 0x0c32, and all the other leds on my hardware are correctly recognized and working (in RAM, graphic card, motherboard and extra fans attached to the motherboard.) Notice that the capellix is the only device controllable by iCUE only, as the motherboard uses FusionRGB (and so also the extra fans), the RAM can be controlled both by FusionRGB and iCUE, and the graphic card uses Aura, so the problem could be related to iCUE but I’m not sure.

Notice also that no conflicting software was running at the same time, and if I start iCUE the leds light up immediately.

I had a similar ‘disfunction’ with the Elite LCD XT. I found I have to stand on one foot and hold my tongue just right to get it working. I spent way too much time and received way too little assistance from discord for this problem.

All joking aside, I’d add the components and then disable and reenable the Commander Core device under the device settings in Signal before the LEDs would be under control. Note however, that the QL and AF fans inner ring of LEDs are not in the proper order which can be a little odd for smooth animations. Signal just isn’t very good at working witht he Elites