Kingston FURY Renegade still glows during sleep

I’ve waited patiently for the new update to hopefully bring a fix for this, but still the bug is here. When the computer is put into sleep, the RAMs still glow in the last frame they received from the effect. I’ve restarted the software numerous times as administrator, the shutdown colors for the RAM modules are set to black, and “disable lighting during sleep” is also enabled. It seems to me that the software is not sending the shutdown color to the RAM modules.

This was not broken before version 2.2.31.

Hi, @gollam

We are slow-paced updating devices to the new sleep schema on next updates, could you try the attached file?
Place the file on Plugins folder: and restart SignalRGB

ENE_RAM.js (360.9 KB)

Hi @HarDBR, thanks for the response. I tried the plugin you sent, on first sleep after computer started, it seems to turn off RGB of RAM, then on second (and following) sleeps, the RGB remains on… I’ll test it further to see if this is a pattern.