Kingston Fury Beast (KF3600C17D4/8GX)

Kingston Fury Beast (KF3600C17D4/8GX)

Hello, i have problem with my DIMM, cant sync it in app. I tried a lot of methods and it doesnt work. SignalRGB doesnt see that DIMM how ARGB. All what need to be customizable its true, but not the DIMM

My specs:
Mb: Gigabyte B760 GAMING X DDR4
DIMM: Kingston Fury Beast (KF3600C17D4/8GX) X2

What can i do with it? Can u help me please?

You actually got 2 bad mixing, the Gigabyte board has a known issue that locks the RAM bus so we lost control on them and we are working to fix this, as for the Fury ram, they are just bad to control due to firmware limitations, we even added a “Single color high speed mode” to try a more stable control but I believe that’s the best we can do for now.
So in overall, wait for the Gigabyte issue be fixed.

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