Keyboard or Mouse Not Working

Problem: A supported keyboard or mouse is not working with SignalRGB


If your RGB keyboard or mouse is on the supported device list, but does not work properly in SignalRGB, try the following steps.

  • Close SignalRGB. Right click on the icon in the system tray, and select Quit.

  • Launch the original app that controls your keyboard/mouse. For example, if you are using a Corsair keyboard, launch iCUE.
  • Delete any onboard profiles that might be saved to the device. This process will differ depending on the keyboard or mouse you’re using.
  • If available: set the device to software control mode.
  • If available: force a firmware update on the device.
  • If possible, delete all lighting effects or set the device’s lighting to solid black / #000000.
  • Quit the original app and make sure that it is fully closed by checking that it is not in Task Manager.
  • Re-launch SignalRGB.

If your device still doesn’t react to the effects, please try using a different USB port.