K95 platinum lighting not working after new update

After the recent update to signal rgb, my k95 platinum LEDs havent been working. As soon as the software takes control of the device, the leds switch into an off state, and I have no way of turning them back on, unless I disable signals control and use the keyboard onboard lighting macro to turn them back on.

same here. No new firmware from corsair. opened console and tried to force plugin but was unsuccessful. please advise

Hi, @Nick_name23

Are you able to get us the device console log?
This can be found by right-clicking the device icon on the devices menu and clicking on “Show Console” in SignalRGB.
You can take a screenshot with the “Snipping Tool” or “Snip & Sketch” on your PC.

Hi, @here

This is a known issue and it’s being worked on, standby for updates :slight_smile:

do you have a time frame for the fix?

Corsair_K95_Plat_Keyboard.js (594.5 KB)
There’s no timeframe, but you can use the old plugin for now.
Place the file on Plugins folder: https://srgbmods.net/s?p=view/userplugins and restart SignalRGB

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works great. thanks for your help