Issue with Commander Core


I’m suddenly having an issue with the Corsair Commander Core module that controls the lighting ring around my iCUE H150i ELITE LCD XT. It used to control the lighting ring very well and I was happy but lately it stopped working at all and honestly I’m pretty unhappy. It never controlled the image on the LCD screen at all which is another complaint for another time but I just want it working as it was previously. I’m using the latest beta release so you dont waste a week asking what version im using.

Was there a firmware update on iCue for it? We will investigate.

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Corsair had an update on my ram, aio, and icue itself 2 days ago. Im having issues with the ram flickering now


This is the version of my firmware from iCUE i guess.

Honestly, I’m not impressed with the support from signalrgb. I’m a pro subscriber and have had many issues with my gear and the slow response has been brutal. I like the product but there needs to be a lot of work done here.

Shouldn’t the team be aware of any of the latest updates?