Is not detecting Aorus 3080 Waterforce WB

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get this graphics card detected so it’s stuck in Rainbow barf mode while all my other lights cooperate.

Model number is “GV-N3080AORUSX WB-10GD”
Vendor ID: “NVIDIA”
Sub Vendor: “GIGABYTE”
Device ID: “0x2216”
Sub Device ID: “0x4038”

A Reddit post lead me down the right path. For me the solution was on Windows 11:

  1. Uninstall all Gigabyte software
  2. Restart in Safe Mode and uninstall nvidia driver with DDU (critical to do this step)
  3. Boot into normal Windows once more and install the nVidia driver from Software Update (for me this installed a 400’s version nVidia driver)
  4. Install Gigabyte Control Center
  5. Boom, it finally shows up with RGB Fusion tab as well as shows up in SignalRGB (though it sucks in SignalRGB, it’s controlled as one RGB vs an ARGB strip)
  6. Download from nVidia their newest driver (for me, v554) and install, continues to function correctly.
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Thank you for providing this info!