Initial setup questions

Hi - I have the pro version and am using it wth Philips Hue (x3 Hue Play connected with bridge). I have installed the Addon and it is working in Signal RGB with the devices showing in Signal RGB.

My confusion is about getting the lights to work with games - it seems to only use the Hue app to do the lights when in game. Can Signal RGB do this automatically? Also if I play a game that does not have a game integration (Battlefield 2042 for example), is it possible to get screen integration / game lights going using Signal RGB?

When I set a normal theme, the RGB lights all work as expected (including the Hue), it is just in game I am not getting the effects through Signal RGB.

Sorry for the questions, I am a bit confused by it all.


Our integration with games works different from those SDKs, be sure to have the integration theme set, if the game doesn’t have an integration yet, you can use “Screen ambience”.