Idle Effects for Audio Spectrum

Why the heck did we remove idle effects for audio spectrum that was one of my favorite features of the program. Please bring it back or someone tell me how to fix it because I cant find it anywhere.

We have moved this functionality to a new system of Macros because the old way wasn’t fully compatible with the app and had high maintenance.

It basically meant that anywhere we set or interact with effects needed to have a split in it and instead of managing one effect (and recording history, adding shuffle support etc) we had to juggle 3 different effects.

Very few users actually used the system (<3%) and it created a lot of support issues with people not understanding how to disable it, or how to get it to interact with other systems in app

The new way to create the audio rule is as following:

The real reason is that the SignalRGB team decided they wanted to try and suck money out of their customers by paywalling previously-free features behind a $5USD/month subscription.

I mean, is there any valid, logical reason that as soon as the update was pushed to move this feature behind a paywall, the devs on the subreddit started saying “we’ll be adding this feature to the free version immediately” and “contact the support team on Discord to have them enable it on your account”, and four months later it’s radio silence?
And the worst part is, the team actively discourages downgrading/hides older versions & forces updates for the program, so even if you downgraded to an older version before this hare-brained scheme was thought up, the program will force you to update anyways, without your explicit consent.

Audio visualizer was the only feature I used SignalRGB for. Without it, and without me willing to pay $5 a month, SignalRGB is no better or any more advanced than any other basic RGB program. I’m switching back to OpenRGB (the original project that served as a base for SignalRGB) until this is resolved. :-1:

Cool, now post how to do it without paying you, like we could before the update

Macroblocks will be released to free users too, so you can do the same without needing to pay for it. This won’t be paywalled.