HyperX Pulsefire Haste DPI

When I open the signalrgb application, the dpi of my mouse increases, making it difficult to control the mouse. I can only fix this temporarily by forcing the plugin to reload; I have to do this every time I launch the application, which is very inconvenient. Does anyone have a permanent fix for this?

My guess is you already set your custom DPI stages and DPI control in My Rig → Devices → Pulsefire Haste → mouse tab.

IIRC If “Enable DPI Control” is enabled SignalRGB should set the mouse DPI to the amount set in the 1st DPI stage unpon launch.

Can you please clarify if that’s indeed the case?

Sorry for the late response. The DPI control in SignalRGB does not affect my mouse no matter what value I set it to.