HyperX Pulsefire Haste DPI increase

There have been a couple others with the same issue and I haven’t seen a resolution. I am raising the same issue with my pulsefire haste and SignalRGB increasing my DPI by a large amount. I believe this is enough of a bug to remove the compatible tag from the website. Since I can’t control my DPI in anyway, even through SignalRGB, I can’t use the mouse while the program is active. I favor this mouse a great deal since it’s been extremely difficult for me to find a mouse that has worked well and SignalRGB has been the only program to work properly with my QMK devices. I am torn between the two as I really want this setup to work properly. Another user received a plugin that reduced the DPI, I’ve tested it, but the DPI setting simply goes to an un-useable lower setting. I can go in, manually set the DPI in the script, and it works. However, if I have to reboot, it changes it back to the low setting it started with. Is there any hope for this mouse to work properly?

Which exact model you have?

Can you take a screenshot of your Device Information?
This can be found on “Device Information” in SignalRGB by clicking this link https://srgbmods.net/s?p=view/debuginfo

I’ll be honest. I gave up and went back to my Logitech G203. I’ll dig the haste back out of the closet one of these days and find this info. Right now the 203 does the job.

Understood, closing this for now.