How to remap keys and an Steelseries Apex Pro keyboard?

I’ve got a Steelseries Apex Pro keyboard. It lets me remap keys individually in the Engine software, but while I can save the actuation settings to the keyboard so that they’re configured when the software isn’t running, I cannot do the same for the key mapping.

I’d like to leave the bloated, obnoxious Engine software disabled, but I need a way to replace the remapping functionality.

The problem is that it’s not recognizing some keys. I cannot, for instance, remap the Windows keys. I normally remap my left Windows key to my screenshot software, and I use it constantly. But it will not record the key - if I place “Key Pressed” into the macro, hit record, and hit my left Windows key, it just opens up the Windows menu.

It’s the only thing keeping me from getting rid of Steelseries Engine. How do I solve this?

Are you still facing this issue? Its working on my Apex 7 TKL: