How to connect 10x lian li unifan sl120s?

I have been building a PC and will have 10x lian li unifan sl120s. I was using the supplied lian li controller for the fans but it looks a bit “laggy” when using SignalRGB and after watching a video by singalRGB it said that the lian li controller is restrictive and causes the rgb fans to have a low “fps” unless you have the lian li software installed, and therefore it works better to connect them all to the rgb 5v header on the motherboard.

So my question is how to do this with 10x fans though? I have 2 rgb 5v headers on my motherboard, and one of them is taken up by the rgb strip on the case. So how can i connect 10 fans to 1 header? Do I still need a different controller of some sort? Or do you use some kind of adapter/splitter cables?

Image isn’t my PC but just for reference…

How do you have the fans grouped in the case? In a group using inline contacts, they’ll be inline addresses. With separate units on a splitter you’ll get “sharing”.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, more details would help. :slight_smile:

Basically connected like the photo above, so 3 rows of 3 fans connected in a line. I probably wont bother with the single exhaust fan at the back.

ok i asked on reddit and yeah basically the lian li controller doesnt work well with signalrgb so you need another controller like the razer chroma and then adapter cables for it.

This is something i’ve been working towards doing myself with a custom Pico controller, i think its more a question of what the connectors and contacts can do for amperage limits, dont want your fans melting or burning due to high amp draw from 10 being connected together in one string. Lian Li haven’t posted specs of the amp limit of their contacts system, so im assuming it tops out at 4 per chain before you start having problems. (not really applicable for you tho since your doing 3 chains of 3)

If you are doing it normally and just need high LED limits, razer controller is good for that, can handle all of those fans easily, and since lian li has a cool daisy chain system youll not max out the ports on the controller. Buy Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller | Gaming Pc Accessories |

I have 9 SL120. I ditched the Lianli Controller and got the Razer Chroma addressable controller. Had to buy argb to jst cables to retrofit into the Razer. The framerates in all 9 fans a superfast and every fan is controlled seperately (no splitting etc )