How do I set the RGB back to the original settings after uninstalling signal rgb?

I just recently tried signalrgb wondering if it could sync up my rgb on my CPU cooler and ram. After uninstalling the signalrgb app, I can’t change my rgb lights on my ram and CPU cooler back to its original settings. Why doesn’t the signal rgb app change the lights back to their defaults when uninstalling the program?

[Edit] The Ram is corsair vengeance rgb. And the CPU cooler is a thermalright frozen notte 360 AIO.

Never mind, I found the answer looking around on the internet. I just shut my computer off and unplugged the power cables for a few minutes. It’s working now.

[Edit] Signal RGB should set the lights back to their defaults without having to shutdown and unplug the cables when uninstalling. Just a suggestion.

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Thank you for your suggestion.