How do i request support for an AIO?

the ML360 Illusion by coolermaster is imo the best looking AIO
yet theres no support for its amazing RGB?
kinda weird
also how its weird that the rgb strip in the Lian Li EVO is not suported

how do i request these?

MLXXX YYYY lineup are all 12 LED circle components afaict, there’s already a baked-in component for the ML240 Mirror that would work just as well.

Case strips can be added as custom XX LED count components in case it’s not exactly the same as the already existing component for the 21 LED LianLi O11 Dynamic Evo Front Strip

alright thanks! btw do i need to pay in order to be able to sync my music? and can i make my own rgb setups with gifs n such?

There’s free music visualizers and an also free effect called “custom image” that lets you input GIF/PNG URLs but it’s an old effect and not 100% there.
Devs also want to be able to sync with animated wallpapers, gifs, vids and all that but it’s not ready yet

oooooo cool, id love to beta test those haha

but why are there free music visualisers that arent locked behind a paywal when its on SignalRGB plus?

sounds like theres still a company out there that doesnt lock things behind a paywal unless you actualy want to support them

this is the kind of support im looking for in services nowadays! ill deffinatly get PRO version to support u guys!

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