How do I refund?

I was so impressed it found all my devices I jumped on the free trial and it made me sign up for pro. It’s been 2-3 days and I no longer used it. The PRO profiles do not work on my machine. I could not get the effects I WANTED, just a animated graphic that moves around. (poorly). Maybe my Lian Li controllers are to slow. At any rate I uninstalled it and using Lconnect again. So how do I go about getting my refund? Though I thought I was doing a 10 day trial, my CC was charge right away. Please refund - else I’ll have to call my CC.

you will need the app installed its under my account/manage subscription/ cancel Easy to do

Will this refund my 39.95 payment? I did that several days ago.
It says YOUR PLAN and says pro 1 year. It says Will be canceled on 1/23/2025.
Why I was doing the free trial and canceled the trail after 2 days.

It says it will be canceled in a year? Then there is a button to reactivate subscription.

Send an email to asking for a refund. The plan page will only cancel/pause your current plan, refund needs to be done manually by email.