Help - 3 Cooler Master Halo2 Fans - Control Each of the 72 LEDs

I sure hope someone can help me on this. Here’s my setup. I’ve purchased 3 of the new Cooler Master Halo2 (squared) 120 fans. Purchased individually, so no controller. I’ve got them daisy chained and connected to one of my ARGB headers on an ASUS Z590A ROG STRIX MOBO. When I set up the components for the channel these fans are connected to, I can only set up 1 HALO 120 fan (24 LEDs). I can control each of those 24 LEDS individually, no problem. But that control is just duplicated across all 3 fans. I thought I should be able to add 3 HALO fans components on this signal channel for the total of 72 LEDs - 24/fan, and that I should be able to control EACH LED individually (for example, all but the FAN LEDS on the 2nd fans (LEDs 25 - 32) set to RED. I’ve got the lastest ver of SignalRGB, BIOS is up to date, etc. I’ve even tried just adding a custom strip of 72 LEDS - and same effect - any color I apply to the first 24 LEDS is just duplicated to the other fans.

What am I missing? Am I wrong in thinking that I should be able to control each of the 72 LEDS separately ?

Currrently SignalRGB doesn’t support ARGB GEN2 mode on motherboard headers.
That feature is supported on the Coolermaster LED Controller A1 only.

GEN 2 ARGB allows individually addressing each component (those that are GEN 2 compatible such as your fans) separately when those are connected using a splitter cable (in parallel), but GEN 1 will only allow that when components are wired in series.

When using a splitter cable to connect multiple components in parallel to a single mobo header/controller port set to GEN 1 mode, they’ll all be mirrored, like what you’re experiencing.