HAF 700 Berserker 18 argb devices. HELP!

So not sure where to post this but basically i have a coolermaster haf 700 berserker with 16 fans. aio pump argb. and a motherboard halo from asiahorse (believe its called Lightsabre-X). and most setups ive tried ive experienced cloning issues with the argb

any suggestions on which controllers/hubs etc to use to run this many devices with out dealing with cloning issues.

all the fans are sickleflow 120s with the exception of the sickleflow 200s in the front. they are to my knowledge all just 6leds per. the lightsabre-x is 24leds. i just would prefer to avoid daisy chaining and provide each with there own channel.

i recently bought 2 razer chroma argb contollers. gonna buy a 3rd. and a handful of extension cables as you may imagine cause this case is masssive. a concern i have now is can i split a usb2.0 header on the motherboard into 2. to make room for the 3rd razer controller to interface with the board without somehow causing a cloning issue there.

at this point after trying a few different controllers/setups im open to any and all suggestions on how to get this beast lit up with out cloning… thanks in advance

also since the razer controllers only handle the argb side of the fans. suggestions for a pwm fan hub to monitor/control the fans?

You will need a usb header expansion for this, we always recommend the NZXT Gen3 one Internal USB HUB (Gen 3) | PC Component | Gaming PCs | NZXT

We have already tried those generic from Aliexpress, but they don’t deliver enough power.