GPU Downclocking Memory

The performance loss is negligible and in most cases will account for less than a 1 FPS difference.

SignalRGB can cause memory downclocking on some graphics cards. This is an intended feature by Nvidia when performing specific CUDA based operations to prevent memory errors when running at max memory clocks. Nvidia doesn’t give an option to disable this behavior and these CUDA operations are a core part of SignalRGB’s functionality.

We recommend leaving it as is, but if you wish to override this behavior you may notice more issues with Screen Ambiance and Game Integrations not triggering properly. This may also have unintended consequences with other programs also facing memory errors.

The open source project Nvidia Inspector currently allows you to change this behavior by disabling the “CUDA- Force P2 State” flag in your Nvidia Driver Profile.

By Rodrigo González -January 8, 2021 NVIDIA CUDA Force P2 State – Performance Analysis (Off vs. On)

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