Govee H6046 Not Detected, But On Supported List

Hello, yesterday I bought a Govee desk rope light, and the Govee H6046 Light Bars. Both are on the SignalRGB supported list. I installed the rope light strip yesterday, it is working perfectly and was immediately detected by SignalRGB . Today, I installed the H6046 light bars…and they are not being detected by SignalRGB. I have factory reset the light bars multiple times…they are connected to 2.4 GHZ wifi, and the LAN switch is on. I also tried to connect them by putting in the IP address, but they still are not detected by SignalRGB.

What could I be missing, or are the H6046 not actually compatible? Has anyone connected them to SignalRGB successfully, and if so, how did you do it?

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@Rek1984 please, send an email to attaching a screenshot from your device info (found here) and the most recent log that is at least 5KB (found here), thank you.