Govee eternal searching

Will the Govee integration be fixed soon? I thought it was good to go since it was mentioned in the 2023 wrap up video. It’s not. One of the admins even said so in a post recently. I hate writing this since I love the app and have been paying for it since the beginning. I think of Govee integration as a bonus but wish it was working.

Searching network for Govee Devices…
This may take several minutes…

Not minutes, forever.

Yeah, we are currently working on a Govee rewrite, it should feature better detection and a IP cache so you can bypass the scan in case the device doesn’t respond to Signal communication.

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Thanks for the udpate.

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Is there any update? Just curious.

I’ve seen commits up to 3 weeks ago to the Dordo-Dev branch, which appears to include new Govee manual IP entry.

But I find it to still be very flakey. Govee devices will drop off and never return despite being LAN controlled and on the network with a reserved IP address. It appears that the devices are in fact found during scan (according to the console). So the question is why is Signal slamming the socket closed and failing to register to device?

The UI is also funky (which after reading the Govee code on that branch, I believe is the where the problem is, because Govee API is very simple). The IP address blank will get stuck and become read only, for example.

Any idea when this will get some love and attention and a stable release?

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Any word on a fix for this yet?? Some days it will work until Signal freezes playback and have to restart it and then will still do the endless search loop. Few days later it will decide to connect again.

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for last 2 weeks sRGB refuses to detect any of my govee devices. they are all on 2.4, pc is wired directly to my router. endless searching. also, which ip should i try manually inputting? i have my router connected to a comcast gateway upstairs(for VR wireless) and sRGB wasnt having any issues at first.

I can’t even input an IP manually anymore. That option is gone.

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