Govee 10m not fully support

i have the Govee 10m RGBIC Neon Rope lights: H61A5. It says on the app that only 15 leds are controllable but that isnt my whole rope. There is about 3 meters left of the rope that is dark(not more leds supported ig).
Please help me and fix it bc its anoying that all my devices work but this doesnt.

Govee.js (25.8 KB)
I have made a custom script with 60 leds, can you check if that lights up the whole strip?

Can you try the attached file, please?
Place the file on Plugins folder: and restart SignalRGB

Hey HarDBR
thx for helping me! unfortunately i think it doesnt work. maybe i did something wrong or it doesnt work, please help me further.

Yes i looked at the console, this is the warning it gives me couple of times every second:
[Thu Feb 22 12:58:03 2024] Error - TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined

pls help me fix this and thank you for your help!