GMMK Pro QMK Flashing Instructions

Instructions for flashing GMMK Pro with Signal RGB Firmware:

You are responsible if you brick your keyboard!

Note: This will override any custom keymaps you have made!

  1. Download firmware for your keyboard from: Dropbox - GMMK Pro - Simplify your life
  2. Download QMK Toolbox from: Here
  3. Extract the firmware and move QMK Toolbox into a new folder named GMMK Pro.

  1. Open QMK Toolbox and QMK Toolbox should prompt you with a screen about installing drivers. Click yes.

  1. QMK Toolbox will prompt for admin access, click Yes and follow the instructions that pop up on screen.
  2. If QMK Toolbox does not prompt you to install drivers or you clicked no, go to Tools and Install Drivers.

  1. Once drivers are installed, Click Open under the Local File heading.

  1. Then go to the GMMK Pro folder, and choose the firmware for your board (ANSI if you are in North America, or ISO if you are in Europe).

  1. Now unplug your keyboard, and press and hold the Space Bar and B key while plugging in the keyboard. The flash button should now appear in QMK Toolbox (This also will erase persistent settings).

  1. Click Flash and wait until the keyboard reboots. (Not doing so will result in the keyboard getting bricked)

  1. If the keyboard is properly flashed, then it will turn rainbow upon reboot. You are now ready to use your GMMK Pro with SignalRGB.