GMMK 2 96 ISO fn keys out of order

So Volume up (FN+F11) decreases the volume, and volume down (FN+F10) increases the volume, Mute (FN+F9) works as it should, Play (FN+F7), Stop (FN+F8) and Previous (FN+F5) works as they should, Fast forward/Play next ((FN+F6) does some weird thing, on Spotify it just restarts the song, on vlc it changes the playback speed, and on wmp it does nothing. I never use wmp but I wanted to include it.

Keyboard is a fresh spanking new GMMK2 96% iso, flashed with signalrgb, and RGB works as it should, just keymappings that are out of wack and this is my first qmk/via keyboard so I got no clue if I can fix this myself or if one of you guys gotta change the flash.bin for it to work as it should.
Go easy on me, english is my third language and as I said, my first qmk keyboard.

You can change what each key (or combo) does in with a chromium based browser (edge, chrome…) while SignalRGB is closed.

I’m not sure how many layers you can setup for that keyboard but, most likely, the keypresses you want changed are stored in a different layer than the one holding your basic binds.

Once you’ve finished changing those, it’s recommended that you save your layout for safekeeping purposes, because if you were to update your firmware in the future, you’d loose any customization that is not present in the pre-compiled firmware files.

Sir! I thank you very very much!
Worked like a freaking charm! :pray:

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